George Castellion

  • R&D and marketing director stints in manufacturing firms.
  • Customer research provider to B2B specialty products firms.

To this work he brings strong technical savvy and the ability to elicit what customers really want — and why.

Much of his craft was learned from dialogue with members of the PDMA; where he served as President for two years1.2.


  1. Product Development & Management Association
  2. Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Product Innovation Management for twenty years.
  3. George is co-author of a peer-reviewed paper disproving myths about new product failure rates. This paper was downloaded more than 4,000 times in its first year of publication.  … Perspective: New Product Failure Rates: Influence of Argumentum ad Populum and Self-Interest (2013). Read more in this menu heading’s sub-item: Myths About New Product Failure Rates

“Customer research may be more important than market research —but far more difficult” | Peter Drucker (Wall St Journal)

George Castellion