George Castellion

Hi, I’m George Castellion. My goal is to share with others what I’ve learned about the craft of customer research. I do this through posts of my management consulting activities, writing, and speaking.

My career contains R&D and marketing management stints in technology companies. I’ve spent the past 34 years as a trusted advisor to specialty component companies. As a result I’ve helped scores of developers discover what outcomes customers really want —and understanding why.

I’ve learned much about my craft from dialogue with knowledgable individuals in the PDMA. (Product Development & Management Association.) I was President of this international organization for two years. For 20 years, I was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM). (In 2013 I co-authored a JPIM paper disproving myths about development failure rates. In the first year of publication, the paper was downloaded more than 4,000 times!)

“Customer research may be more important than market research —but far more difficult” | Peter Drucker (Wall St Journal)