Blind Study

Blind study means the prospect in a phone interview doesn’t know who commissioned the customer research study. “Blinding” lessens the risk of biased answers from prospective customers. The Rule of 30 system is a blind study.

 Benefits of a blind study

  1. Prospects are candid about negative views they have about the concept.
  2. By remaining anonymous, developers keep pricing flexibility. They do not give away higher margins after they understand what customers really want — and why. And the higher margins drop directly to the developer’s bottom line.
  3. Competitors remain in the dark about who commissioned the study.

Minimizing risk of biased answers

Use a dedicated phone for in-depth interviews

My Caller ID appears on the prospect’s phone screen as:
George Castellion SSCAssociates 203/xxx-xxxx.

Buy a cell phone and service only for blind studies.

For the firm name on the Caller ID, makeup a name ending in Associates. Associates indicates you are a service provider.

Answer all calls on this phone with your name and the service provider name.

Don’t frame your statements in a way that strongly suggests a specific answer.