This website contains blog posts and white papers about effective B2B customer research for specialty products firms. It contains much of my work in providing product development leaders with early and unbiased answers to two questions:

  • What do customers really want?
  • Why?

Specialty products are keystone components of larger systems. Viewed by outsiders, a specialty product’s value chain looks like a web of hidden relationships. To answer the above two questions, leaders need a deep understanding of this web and its decision-makers’ needs.

This understanding must occur early in a concept’s development and be unbiased. Otherwise, costly problems crop up in later development stages and after product launch.

Costly Problems such as:

  • Failure to attract profitable customers
  • Lost investment by developing unnecessary benefits
  • Delay in time-to-market when necessary benefits surface late or after launch

As a customer research provider, I built a system, the Rule of 30, to provide early and unbiased answers to the two questions. In the past 34 years I’ve applied this system to help scores of product development leaders avoid costly problems. Clients are manufacturing and private equity firms based in North America, Europe, and Asia.