My goal is to help product developers use market research to find success in a product concept’s market. It’s the most interesting and challenging thing I can think of.

That’s why I’ve pursued it … first as a practitioner: inventor, Dir. R&D, and Dir. Marketing … then, as a consultant, discovering what real customers want, and understanding why.

My consultant activity provides rich case studies of real-world, market research … about what product developers must do to be successful, and most importantly, how to do it. Studies cover a wide range of markets … from medical devices to chickens to cellphones.

Being involved as a volunteer in PDMA and CPAS helped me pursue my goal. Twenty years were as a member of the editorial board of JPIM, a top business journal. Five years were as VP, Development of The PDMA Research Foundation. 

Co-author of a peer-reviewed paper disproving myths about new product failure rates. This paper was downloaded more than 4,000 times in its first year of publication.