Clients value the speed, objectivity, and high quality of my work; which delivers a deeper understanding of what their customers really will pay for.

Clients are b2b specialty materials firms and private equity platforms, located in North America, Europe, and Asia

Types of work
  • In Front End of Innovation
    • Uncover latent needs
    • Discover early adopters
    • Assess growth opportunities in adjacent markets
    • Align product ideas to needs of target customer group
    • Scout-out the value chain’s profit pool in target market
    • Provide credible information for decisions on stopping runaway train projects
  • Determine price elasticity of a current product
I bring to this work
  • Expertise in all phases of new product development
  • 40+ years practice of cold-calling well-informed individuals and gathering invaluable knowledge during a 15+ minute elicitation conversation
  • A scout’s mindset; open and unbiased