The Magic Sentence

“Is this a convenient time to call”

An absolutely magic sentence¹ in voice-of-the-customer project work².

You’ve interrupted the potential customer with a cold call, but didn’t use an annoying pitch.

Instead, they answer, “What’s this about?”

Great answers, such as: “I’m busy now, but call me back at this time.” … “Your product concept is interesting to us. The person you should talk to is (name & phone number) and tell them I suggested they talk with you.”


“Out of unwarranted fear, inexperienced project workers neglect common courtesy. Simple politeness will speed them to their goal.”  —  George


1 The magic sentence is part of my workshop, Step-By-Step Guide to Elicitation Interview Projects.

2 The Voice of Customer Abbie Griffin, John Hauser, Marketing Science Institute Report No. 92-106 (1972)