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Value proposition: Belling the Cat

An apt idiom for CEOs who talk innovation, but don’t walk the talk. In my experience, most CEOs’ public statements contain the magic word, innovation. In private, their actions on innovation don’t match their talk.

These actions present a daunting predicament for strategists in their firm. Many strategists follow Alexander Osterwalder’s 2014 value proposition design canvas. In it, they play a dynamic game against competitors and across many dimensions.

As a customer research consultant, I hear objections from CEOs about the 2014 canvas. Why? They believe that competition is a game with stable products/services and competitors. To support this belief, they pose nonsense objections.

Objections posed by CEOs and our comments

  • A value proposition is the formal expression of the firm’s marketing strategy. It identifies the significance of the product’s unique characteristics relative to competitors.
    Prof. Utpal Dholakia

Nevertheless, the smartest and most experienced CEOs won’t move from status quo. That is until they feel threatened.

Lack of congruence made me crazy. I went out the door and have spent the past 35 years as a customer research consultant.

For my clients’ projects, I use:

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